Social Media For SEO

Social Media For SEO

Google is a computer not a person.  Back in the old days, search engine optimization was influenced by backlinks from websites. So the goal was to get an online internet marketing company to whip up some links from their private stock of magic web marketing links.  Well that was yesterday, with the advent of the Smartphone, with TWITTER INC., FACEBOOK INC, and instagram on it, we have a new Digital media online marketing force. It’s the kids on those damn phones. Google knows a web marketing firm or another positioning web guy has to make a backlink to your site. So links are for big boys with Technology/Internet knowledge. But on a smartphone any 13 year old kid can post a like with a swipe of a finger.  So Google takes social media as being more likely real than fake. If on TWITTER INC, your company name is posted on 25 posts by the kids your PageRank is going to be raised. Google eyes are not shut, all media is being used to get the best Internet search.

Our Social Media

What needs to be done to get the best response
We need to have a regular post of info about your company

Typical Campaign
Take custom pictures of your products or service
Create 200 words of SEO description
Post weekly
Offer a deal

Prices Start @ $300
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Social Media For SEO


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Posting Info to google

Posting Info to google

Once we have a good foundation of search engine optimization, with our product focused web-site. What keeps our search engine positioning with google are fresh weekly posts. Google’s mandate is to show the most current (news) info on a subject. This is with the assumed  “trusted website” as the source for google internet search engines search results. So we need quality fresh info to keep your listing showing up on the top of google,Yahoo!, and Bing. No! not some computer magic or a trick you are going to play on google. Just reliable info about your product or service. 

It is a horse race. As you are posting your info, your competition is doing the same. The winner has the best info and a “trusted website” relationship with Google. This “trusted website” relationship is build up by regularly posting good info. So as we start, purchase of keywords from Google is required to get your phone to ring. To just buy our way to the top would cost more than we would like. Posting earns this top spot without paying google for online web marketing. 

Twitter, Yelp Inc., FACEBOOK INC and Instagram all play a role in adding organic search marketing results and will be featured in this post.


Step 2


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Product Focused Web Site

Product Focused Web Site

As an example :  “Johnston Industry” makes the best “trailer hitch” in the world. Their main web site reflex the ego of the company owners that everyone knows that “Johnston Industry” makes a “trailer hitch”. So the usual web site for a company is named after the company. The issue is that “Google” is a computer not a real person, as such it does not know “Johnston Industry” makes the best “trailer hitch” in the world. It only know what is told about. Google works with a basic statement of service. GET THE MOST CURRENT, RELIABLE, TRUTHFUL, POPULAR, information about a surfer search request. No ads, spam or bad web sites. So the first step to get on GOOGLE good side is to make a website focused on what you want to be on top of Google. In this case a “trailer hitch” site would be the answer. 

Product Focused Web Site
They come with our “special THML coding”

twitter account
facebook page
Instagram Account
Tumblr Blog Account

Your Contact Info
Your Product Info

Costs $750 USD – We take credit cards For THREE MONTHS of Service

This site is the building block to getting found on google. However, much like a race at the DAYTONA 500 – Daytona International Speedway, your results may vary based on who else is trying to get “trailer hitch” to the top. So we can not guarantee. for a fee. that a third party site (google) will list you on the top. This Product Focused Web Site will help get better web leads and if you engage in the full program it has worked for me with these sites. ( see samples)

Product Focused Web Site



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