How can we get on the first page of GOOGLE

Any business that looking to get more sales needs the web.The highest sales comes from being on the top of “GOOGLE”
(we are assuming you know the value of  “GOOGLE”)

How can we get on the first page of “GOOGLE”

Give Google what it wants
A) Money
B) Information
C) Support

A) Money is paid to “GOOGLE” to buy a spot on the top. We can arrange and manage this paid advertising for you. Min would $350.00 per month as most ads are $3.00 per hit. “GOOGLE” works with pay as you go ads that only charges a fee when a user hit the link. Managing ads on GOOGLE is done through a sales agent account with GOOGLE. I have been doing this for 10 years

B) Information is used on a subject so “GOOGLE” can sell someone else an ad about that information. A surfer is looking for info on “Phone Cards “. When they look this up the information they want it is surrounded by paid ads from “GOOGLE. The best answer is to make a web site that will be found by GOOGLE with this information. Getting found by GOOGLE on the first page is the big question. There are about 30 different factors in getting your site to the top. The best way to do this is to use all of these in a customized site.

As an example —

Much like a “Yellow Pages” listing, goggle lists everybody under categories or keywords in the same way.  All the plumbers are together on one web search. They do this with keywords and word counts. So as an example if you are searching for a makers of red trucks you would not find Marton & Smith the best red trucks maker in the world. Why because goggle is a computer. It analyzes your web site and uses the words to guess at what you are selling. Here’s a sample– can you guess what it’s about

barbados – 32 – 8.49%

(guest – 15 – 3.98%

house – 15 – 3.98%

apartments – 5 – 1.33%

beach – 3 – 0.80%

home – 3 – 0.80%

breakfast – 2 – 0.53%

accommodations – 2 – 0.53%

Goggle sells ads to get your web site found. They don’t have an interest in you getting you there without paying them. So they discount SEO software programs, linking farms, and meta tags. Think of it like a scorecard. What elements in a web site will get the biggest playback? You guess it, the web name. You would not know from Marton & Smith that they make red trucks. Most company web sites are named after the company they are marketing. Kodak, FedEx etc. Top 200 international companies have a real human at goggle to over ride the computers and associate brand names with their products. But the rest of us are stuck. So how can we get the most out of our name? Well if we are in the “red truck” biz our perfect web site name would be “”. So you cannot do a good job of optimizing a customer’s web site with an unrelated web name. The need to start a brand new web site with the keywords in the web name. Ok! The web name gets us 40% of our score. But it cannot work as a blank web page. Goggle is not dumb. They now look for 30 more elements to make a site “authentic”. Goggle likes that word authentic it means you are not trying to fool goggle. So now you have the cost of buying a name, but first doing research on the best keywords in the name. Hosting, creating a real web site listing your customer phone number and info. So the only way to get on the top of goggle is to make a brand new web site with all the extra little tricks that goggle says they are ok.

Please see four sample web site reports from Goggle own sales tool “Analytics” In the application ACROBAT make sure you can view “notes + comments”

They are (linked to PDF) Here’s your proof

Caribbean Music
Club Music
Dbs Duplication
Plastic Cards

C) Support
One of the key issues for GOOGLE is if your site is real. This decision is being made by a computer not a human. They look at other web sites to help them decide. As an example, they check if ““” has a number of other web sites linking to it.  If it does, then GOOGLE thinks that it must be of value to the person linking to it. So a big factor in getting you on the first pages is the number of other web sites that have links to your site. By linking and running ads on our sites we can help.

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