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“Your Online Directory score is based on the number of places in which your listings are present and contain consistent information such as business name, and phone number.”

There are a number of sites that will auto update or sync your info to theses directories.

Here’s a list

as of AUG 2023
America’s Best Companies Synced Directory
Bing Synced Directory
BubbleLife Synced Directory
x Synced Directory No Search
CitySquares Synced Directory
DexKnows Synced Directory
x eLocal Synced Directory No Search
Enroll Business Synced Directory
GalacticVibe Synced Directory
Hotfrog Synced Directory
iBegin Synced Directory NOT WORKING
x Internet Business Database Synced Directory No Search
JoomLocal Synced Directory  NOT WORKING
Judy’s Book Synced Directory
Local469 Synced Directory
x LocalizedListings Synced Directory No Search
Localmint Synced Directory
My Local Services Synced Directory
N49 Synced Directory Synced Directory NOT WORKING
x PassPages Synced Directory NOT WORKING
ShowMeLocal Synced Directory
x Speedy Local Synced Directory NOT WORKING
Superpages Synced Directory
x Swarm Synced Directory NOT WORKING
Tupalo Synced Directory
US-Info Synced Directory NOT WORKING
YP Synced Directory
Zoom Local Search Synced Directory
Sync in Progress as of AUG 2023
Best of the Web Progress Directory
Cherry Hill VIP Progress Directory
Date on Deals Progress Directory
eBusiness Pages Progress Directory
FindOpen Progress Directory
Insider Pages Progress Directory
Instagram Progress Directory
Jersey Shore VIP Progress Directory
x Localtunity Progress Directory NOT WORKING
x MerchantsNearby Progress Directory NOT WORKING
x Moorestown VIP Progress Directory NOT WORKING
US City Progress Directory
x YaSabe Progress Directory NOT WORKING
x Yellow Bot Progress Directory NOT WORKING
x Your Town VIP Progress Directory NOT WORKING
Maps – Need a US Address
x Apple Maps Error Map Need a US Address
x Lyft Error Map Need a US Address
x MapQuest Error Map Need a US Address
x Uber Error Map Need a US Address
x Waze Error Map Need a US Address

1 Maps will not work without a brick-and-mortar business. Google maps is very powerful.
2 In Progress = NOT WORKING There is no listing here
3 Synced = they claim that there is a listing
4 No Search = there is a valid listing but it can not be searched within their site
5 This is taking some time so not all sites are done. X shows done
6 A Search on google with the town where the listing is located gets THREE results
7 A Search on google with USA gets NO results. but the site is at the 14th place
8 Search was done VIA a CDN IP. Using VPN in New York State get same result – but a map of the city

Facebook Group SEO

Facebook Group SEO

Having 100,000 people on instagram is great, but they are all from China. What we want is your neighbours, within 5 miles of your store. Any given person facebook personal profile will not be in your neighbourhood.

As an example I am using a store located in the BEACHES, Toronto

Here’s my BEACH Groups which are 5 miles from my customer

Now if you spam these groups you will get kicked out. So i need to post issues of interest along with your promo.  Posting as a local NEWSPAPER Bloor News help as it is posting other stories of interest. Google trusts newspapers as they believe that their content is real , not spam

Sample link Post – not an ad
more facebook posts


Sample of ad promo

more facebook posts

Facebook Promo Posts

Facebook Promo Posts

FACEBOOK – Music DBS Duplication Posts reached 18,029 people

Bloor News Facebook
(5,706 people reached)

paul murton google guide

Facebook Group SEO

How do you get your site on Google Index

How do you get your site on Google Index

From a standpoint of Google – they want to return the best results.

Most Current – So a post that is current will outrank an older post with the same keywords
Answers a question – Text in your post has info web surfers want to know – Question on google “How do know if a diamond is real?”
Video or pictures – Google loves video
Natural Posts – If you post 10 post a day – it is spam and google blocks your site — again think like google – a post a day is natural and is likely done by a human — not a blot
Post On Google Maps – I am a “Google Local Map Guide”
Free Service With Purchase Of Any SEO Service
Match Your Website With Google KeyWords
I’m A Google Ad Sales Rep

Which Posts Get On The Index

Best website maker is a WordPress Site
Instagram (on your smartphone)
Twitter (on your smartphone)
Facebook (on your smartphone)


Social Media For SEO

Social Media For SEO

Google is a computer not a person.  Back in the old days, search engine optimization was influenced by backlinks from websites. So the goal was to get an online internet marketing company to whip up some links from their private stock of magic web marketing links.  Well that was yesterday, with the advent of the Smartphone, with TWITTER INC., FACEBOOK INC, and instagram on it, we have a new Digital media online marketing force. It’s the kids on those damn phones. Google knows a web marketing firm or another positioning web guy has to make a backlink to your site. So links are for big boys with Technology/Internet knowledge. But on a smartphone any 13 year old kid can post a like with a swipe of a finger.  So Google takes social media as being more likely real than fake. If on TWITTER INC, your company name is posted on 25 posts by the kids your PageRank is going to be raised. Google eyes are not shut, all media is being used to get the best Internet search.

Our Social Media

What needs to be done to get the best response
We need to have a regular post of info about your company

Typical Campaign
Take custom pictures of your products or service
Create 200 words of SEO description
Post weekly
Offer a deal

Prices Start @ $300
Ask For More Info
Other services


Social Media For SEO


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Samples of how we have optimized Google with SEO

Samples of how we have optimized Google

We can get you on the front of Google
and get your phone ringing with more business.
Here’s the proof from 2013
Now I am a Google Map Guide

Our Customer is in the credit card processing biz
Look for “ “
Check out this Google Search

credit card machine toronto
credit card processing toronto
merchant account toronto
Payment Processing toronto
wireless credit card machine toronto
Daily Rental Debit Machine  For –


Our Customer is
Check out this Google Search

Our Customer is “Caribbean Music”
Check out this Google Search


If you search Debit Machine Calgary
we are # 1 on google For

If you search Debit Machine Vancouver
we are # 1 on google For

If you search Debit Machine Edmonton
we are # 1 on google For

If you search Debit Machine Hamilton “
we are # 1 on google For

If you search Debit Machine London ”  ONTARIO
we are # 1 on google For

If you search Debit Machine Montreal ”  
we are # 1 on google For

If you search Debit Machine Regina ”  
we are # 1 on google For

If you search Debit Machine Saskatoon ”  
we are # 1 on google For

If you search Debit Machine Winnipeg. ”  
we are # 1 on google For

If you search Debit Machine Toronto
we are # 1 on google For –
or DEBIT Machine

Our Customer is “”
Google Search

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416-299-0767 # 100
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